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How Internet Works???

Hello Guys, you all know now a days internet is very much essential for our day to day life. From communication service to banking service,from educational work to official work, in every sector internet is much more needed. So here we will discuss about how internet works and what are the medium through which it reaches to us So Lets Start It...........

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How It Works??
Internet helps us through various medium. We make communication through mobile phones by online through whatsapp, facebbok etc to another person because of this internet. We able to browse something in our computer and phone for this internet. But have you think that how intenet comes to us? I sure most of you think that it comes to us through satellites, mobile towers, broadband services etc. Yes, you are correct but do you know how this internet comes to these mobile towers and broadband services. 

So, the main source for internet by which it comes to the mobile towers are the Optical Fiber Cables which spread away over the World. Yes, the optical fiber cables/ submarine cables  are the main way for the internet which reach to us. About 99 percentage of internet reach to the people through these optical cables. 

Internet manage by 3 companies for reach to us. Those are Tier 1 internet service providers, Tier 2 internet service providers and Tier 3 internet service providers. These cables were installed by the Tier 1 internet service providers. This company installed all the optical fiber cables under the sea. These cables are very thin and the internet goes through it very fast. If you consider the speed/ band width then these cables having a speed/ band width of 100 Gbps.

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Image Of Optical Fiber Cables
From country to country the submarine cables are connected to each other in the underwater sea. Not only the countries, also the Continents are connected to each other by the help of these submarine cables. When the internet moves through these cables and control by the Tier 1 company then it is completely free of cost. But when it is reach to us it has a price because in the underwater sea there are also risks for the cables from any type of damage. Sometimes the cables are damage for various reasons, so at that time the internet speed decreases. So for proper maintenance, the life of the cables increases under the sea. These maintenance of cables are provided by Tier 1 company. 

So, the Tier 1 company takes the maintenance charges from the Tier 2 internet service providers. By giving the maintenance charges the Tier 2 companies buy internet from the Tier 1 companies. After buying internet, the Tier 2 companies build their internet servers in many cities for their respective countries. So, from these servers the whole internet connection of a country control. The Tier 2 companies also build their network towers and connect those towers to their servers by the help of optical fiber cables which are installed by the Tier 2 companies under the ground in their countries.

After build the servers, Tier 2 companies sell internet to Tier 3 companies (mostly the broadband service providers). So, in this way the internet finally reaches to us and for this company to company transfer the price of internet increases when it is reach near us.

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Image Of Optical Fiber Cables Spread Over The World
Sometimes, some cables under the sea are disconnect between the countries but for the large number of cables the connection again come back. The optical fiber cables are also the main source of broadband services. By the help of these cables internet providers give internet services to the educational sectors, official sectors etc through the broadband services.   

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