Sunday, 1 July 2018

6 Best Ways To Make Money Online !!!!

(1) Blogging
If you know, this is a best way to make money online. You can choose your own choice about what you want to start your blog career. You may choose about sports, technology, cooking recipes, web design, SEO related blogs etc that depend on your choice. After started blogging you should focus on your content quality about which you want to write. Then automatically traffic of your website will increase. After that you can link your website to adsense & can make a lot of money. Now-a-days there is a more demand of blogging. Many people starting their blogging career as a part time or full time. It is also a best part time job for students.

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(2) Affiliate Marketing
This is the 2nd way & this is the most genuine way to make money online. Affiliate marketing means to refer someone to buy products from your referring links. For example, if you start affiliate marketing with Amazon, then you will get referring links for some products. Then your duty is refer these products link through social sites, if you have a website or YouTube channel then you can also promote these links over that. So after referring if someone buy any products from your referring links then you will get some percentage of money for that products. So if you have a big social media platform then it will so easy for you.

(3) YouTube
This is the most popular way to make a lot of money from online. Now many people use YouTube to make money. YouTube is just opposite of the Blogging. In YouTube & Blogging the concept is same, you can choose and explain your own choice. But difference is, in Blogging you will share your knowledge by writing a lot but in YouTube you will explain something by video. So here in YouTube the content is only matter. If you will make a unique video & the content quality is good then your subscribers will increase & by linking adsense you can make a lot of money.

(4) From Freelance Websites
This is another way to make money online.There are some freelance websites like, from which you can earn a lot of money. In this websites there are many freelances jobs like data entry, web design, logo design, articles or blog writing are available. So if you have an unique talent about these jobs then you can make your profile over here & will get many projects from the customers.

(5) Online Surveys
It is the most simplest way to make money from online. For online surveys many companies give a lot of money. For online surveys you will spend 10 to 20 minutes by giving your feedback, opinion or  any type of suggestions. Then the companies may give 1$ to 30$ by each surveys. But wait, don't be excited because there are many fraud agencies make surveys & when you put your information in these surveys,then they stolen it & make you spam. So always go through the trusted websites and participate on their surveys.

(6) By Selling Domain
This is another good way to make a lot of money. Here the concept is if a new company is going to start its business. So the company will must need a website for their online marketing. For websites they will must need a better domain such as "", "", "". But at that time people know about that & quickly buy the perfect domain name for the website of the company. So when the company go to make their website they can not get the suitable domain for their website & they contact with the person, who has the perfect domain. So at this stage the domain holder demands a lot of money. So in this way you can also make a lot of money.     

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