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DDR2 Vs DDR3 Vs DDR4 | Which One Is Better??

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Before explain about DDR2, DDR3, DDR4 lets know about DDR which is called as double data rate. It is also known as DDR1. These types of RAM's are use to increase the speed of the device. These RAM's are more powerful and more faster than the normal Random Access Memory.

After DDR1 there are also other generations of double data rate such as DDR2, DDR3, DDR4. You all know that with a new generation there are also some new features and new upgrades are come. Like that DDR2 has more speed and less power consumptions than DDR1, also DDR3 has more speed and less power consumptions than the DDR1 and DDR2. Like this DDR4 has more speed and less power consumptions than the DDR1, DDR2 and DDR3.

But now-a-days the laptops and computers commonly  having DDR3 memory or above. The DDR2 became stop to using because the coming of DDR3 and DDR4 memory. Also in normal smartphones there are the DDR3 memories and for mobile phones there are LP (Low Power)  DDR3 memories present. But if you consider about the flagship smartphones, there are DDR4 memories present.

In computers and laptops you can upgrade the RAM speed. If you have a DDR3 memory with a particular clock speed then you can increase the clock speed to a particular speed and can upgrade the RAM speed. But in case of a smartphone you can not upgrade the RAM speed, because it is fix from the manufacturing process. So if you want DDR4 memory in your smartphone then you have to buy a new flagship phone.

These types of memories are use to double your data's transfer speed. As compare to DDR3 with DDR4 in a computer then the data transfer speed is more in the DDR4 memory. It transfers double data with a high speed than the DDR3 memory. So if you want a fast or smooth experience in your computer then you can assemble the DDR4 memory.

There are also an other techniques by which you can get a better RAM speed. That is called as Dual Channel. With this dual channel architecture the DDR RAM's are divided into two parts inside the motherboard. So in a single channel the speed that the RAM was getting, now that speed will be increase by the dual channel. So that the DDR RAM's are more faster with this dual channel.
So overall you get to know that the DDR4 memory is best than the DDR2 and DDR3. The speed is more and power consumption is less in the DDR4 memories. Also for the better features the price of DDR4 based computers and smartphones are more expensive than the DDR2 and DDR3.   

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