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How AC Works?? Types Of AC??

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The Air Conditioners are use to cool your home by keeping a perfect temperature. But do you know how these air conditioners are work? And how it gives a cool temperature? So here you will know about the working process of air conditioners and also about the different types of air conditioners.

How AC Works??
Generally there are three main parts of AC by which it works. Those are (1) Compressor, (2) Condenser and (3) Evaporator. Except these there are also chemicals use in AC by which the hot gases inside the home transfer to outside the home. In AC, the compressor and the condenser are the external part where the evaporator is the internal part which located inside the home.

The chemicals use in AC convert the hot gases inside the home into liquid and then the fluid enters into the compressor with low pressure. But it exists the compressor with high pressure. Then when these fluid or gas enters into the condenser then there is a high pressure occurs but there are the fins present inside the air conditioner which release the hot gas more fast. So when the fluid leaves the condenser then it becomes more cooler and the high pressure converts the gas into liquid form. After leaving from condenser the fluid starts to enter into the evaporator through a small width hole and the pressure drops when the fluid reaches near to the evaporator. Then the fluid evaporate into gas. So after when the fluid leaves the evaporator then it becomes low pressure gas.

Then the fins inside the evaporator circulate these cool air across the evaporator and the AC sucks the air through a vent. And with the help of this air the gas becomes cool and the heat remove from the air. And this cycle continues from compressor to evaporator till the cool air comes. So in this way the room get a comfortable  temperature from the air conditioner.

Types Of AC
There are generally 4 types of air conditioners that people use mostly i.e;
(1) Inverter AC
(2) Non Inverter AC
(3) Window AC
(4) Split AC

* The compressor of inverter AC works in a variable speed. It maintains a constant temperature and the noise in this of AC is very low. There are also a low power consumption in case of the inverter AC. But the price of inverter AC is more than a non inverter AC.

* Then the non inverter AC consumes a high power as compared to the inverter AC. The noise of the non inverter AC is more than the inverter AC. And the price of non inverter AC is less than the inverter air conditioner. So an inverter AC is better than the Non inverter AC.

* Then come to the Window AC and Split AC. The Windows AC fits in a window and all the parts of the AC are together but in case of Split AC, there the compressor and the condenser are outside the home where the evaporator is inside the home. Windows AC have more noise than the Split AC and the air circulation in the Split AC is more than the Windows AC. But the price of Windows AC is less than the Split AC. So here the Split AC is better than the Windows AC. 

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