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How Computer Works?? Explained In Details

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Before knowing about how computer works? lets know about the computer in simple words i.e; the computer is an electrical, mechanical, calculating device which deals with vast storage capacity and memory power. So as you know in computer you can do multiple and heavy tasks so how it possible? What are the components and working principles use to possible this? So lets start it....

Different Parts And Source
There are some basic parts of computers that you all know is;
(1) Mouse
(2) KeyBoard
(3) CPU (Central Processing Unit)
(4) Processor & GPU
(5) RAM & Hard Disks
(6) Motherboard
(7) Monitor
* And the source through which computer works is Electricity.

How It Works??
There are generally four works that a computer does is;
(1) Input
(2) Storage
(3) Processing
(4) Output

This computer is totally depend on the electricity. If you switch on then it will work and if you switch off then it will stop working. Generally, the computer understands two numbers which is zero and one. All the information and data store in a computer are in the electrical form. They are flow in the circuits and wires in the form of electricity. And in this electricity form the information are in zero and one format. These zeroes and ones are called as Binary Numbers. So when this information are come to the output then it convert into the pixels or waves. Actually this happen because when the electricity flows in a circuit or wire of a computer then it is 1 and if there is no electricity flows then it is zero. So all the information in a computer are in binary numbers form.

But the output appears in the screen by going through many paths. For example, Suppose in a computer you click the mouse in a particular file. Then the input command goes to the motherboard and in motherboard it will be verify and then store in the memory. After that, from the memory the input data goes to the CPU and then the processing takes place. During the processing, CPU modify the input data and collect the related output. These outputs are in binary numbers but when it come to the screen then it convert into a readable or audible or video format.

For this fastest response between the input and output there are many components responsible like the Computer processor, CPU, GPU, RAM, Clock Speed etc. When the CPU receives and collects data's then these components have a great role. Without these components the input and output process will not be possible. During the data managing by CPU, processor is need to process the data where the RAM and the Clock speed make the data transfer more fast. And the GPU (graphics processing unit) manage the graphics to display in the screen. So, if the components are good then the CPU will work better and you will get a better experience in the computer. But, if the components are slow means low RAM, low processor, low GPU or slow clock speed then obviously the computer will not perform well and you will not get a better experience. 

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