Saturday, 14 July 2018

Qualcomm Vs MediaTek Processors | Which One Is Better??

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Qualcomm and MediaTek are the two popular smartphone processor brands. But according to  processors performance and price range both are different from each other. If you compare between Qualcomm and MediaTek then some facts will appear that indicates the both processors are well in their range. But if you will consider about the company establishment, Qualcomm will get more points. Because Qualcomm is a very old and popular company, it was founded on July,1985 where as MediaTek was founded on 28 May,1997.

So the popularity will goes to Qualcomm without any doubts. Then if you will consider about the market share then Qualcomm is globally number one. Its stock price is more than MediaTek. But due to MediaTek's headquarter in Asia (Taiwan) and it is an Asia based company, so in Asia, MediaTek's market share is much more than the Qualcomm.

If you consider about the price then both are good in their range. Suppose if you want to buy a budget smartphone with lower price then there will be the MediaTek processors present in the budget phones. Yes, it is value for money in a budget range. But if you want to buy a high budget phone then you will find the Qualcomm processors in the phone. MediaTek processors have not a good performance in the high range phones. So if you want a excellent GPU and a good theme then Qualcomm is much better.

Some companies like Micromax, Xiaomi prefer MediaTek processors in their budget smartphones. Because in budget smartphones the MediaTek processors work excellent. But if you consider about issues then there is some issues in MediaTek processors like the heating issues, battery issues etc. The phones with this processors having the main issue is the heating issues.

If you will consider about the technologies then the Qualcomm has more advanced technologies as compare to MediaTek. The phones with Qualcomm processors having no more heating issues than MediaTek processors. Qualcomm always research for a better processor. They improve their designs by their researches.

So with overall comparison you came to know that the Qualcomm is more popular than MediaTek. The price of Qualcomm processors are more expensive than the MediaTek processors. If you want to buy a budget smartphone then MediaTek processors are good and if you want to buy a high budget phone then Qualcomm processors are good. And the technologies in Qualcomm is excellent than MediaTek.                                          

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