Tuesday, 17 July 2018

What Is DNS?? Domain Name System In Details

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You browse internet in your phone or computer and search anything, you get a result. So how it possible? What is the technology behind it? How you quickly get the results? So here the technology behind it is called as DNS which also known as Domain Name System. With the help of DNS all the browsing are possible. You can suddenly visit to a website through your browser with the help of Domain Name System (DNS).

How It Works??
In the internet world there are lots of websites, lots of data and information. So it was difficult to find a particular website and its data among lots of the websites. So here the concept came IP Address which is known as Internet Protocol Address and consist a set of numbers with dots. Now all the websites and even your phone and computer have also a particular IP Address. This IP Address is the identification of all the devices and websites. There are unique IP addresses for different devices and websites. If you forget any website name then you can easily reach to that website if you know its IP Address. But it was impossible to remember a lot of IP Addresses. So here the main concept come which is known as DNS. With the help of this technology all the IP Addresses stored in the DNS server and got particular name for particular IP Address.

So now its very easy to find a website and also very easy to find other information. When you search anything in your browsers address bar then an IP Address generates for the particular name that you want to browse. After generated IP Address then it goes to your ISP which is called as Internet Service Provider. Then the ISP search the IP Address in the DNS server and collect the results from it. And then the results reach to your phone or computer by the ISP. So here in this way the Domain Name system works and make the browsing easy.

But there are some problems by which sometimes the DNS does not work. Suppose if your device has affected by malware then when you go to search anything in your device then the malware will open duplicate sites in your device. So in this case the DNS will not work properly.

There are also some other reasons by which the DNS does not work. Generally when you visit a website in your device then your device store the cache data's of the website by which if you will search the website in future then the browser will not take much time to loading. The website will open in a few seconds. But if the IP Address of the particular site will be change then when you go to search that particular website then you will get error pages that say "the page is not found". So the website takes 24 to 48 hours to update its new IP Address in the DNS server. So, i hope you got a complete idea about the DNS and its working process.

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