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What Is GPU?? Graphics Processing Unit In Details

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The GPU is generally known as graphics processing unit. In simple we can say it is a graphics processor. In smartphones and computers the GPU have a great role. Gaming, video playing all are possible for this graphics processing unit.

The smartphones and computers having millions of pixels in their display. Now-a-days the 720p screen contains 1 million of pixels where as the 4K screen contains 8 million of pixels. These pixels are work by the control of GPU. When you play a video or start a game in your smartphones or computers then it start to play with the help of graphics processing unit. The GPU sends the command to the screen to play the video or to start the game.

Before the GPU placed inside the mother board. But now a time the GPU is placing in a different place. Then come to the integrated GPU which is a part of the processor which monitors & process the graphics and send commands to the screen, to give an output. This process continues and happens 60 times in a second.

The GPU specifications are very similar to the specifications of a computer or smartphone. The smartphones and the computers having the RAM, processor, mother board like that the GPU also having RAM, processor and mother board. Its performance is totally depend on its RAM and processor. If the RAM and processor of a GPU is more then the performance of the GPU is also excellent. So it works by its capacity.

To give the output in the monitor there is digital to analog converter inside the RAM. So when the graphics processing unit sends the command to show in the screen then first it goes through the converter and then the output show in the screen.

The GPU was first develop by the NVIDIA in 1999 and this company developed the world's first GPU called as GeForce 256 which has over 22 million transistors. As compared to CPU, the working principle of GPU is totally different. CPU controls the whole system where as the GPU only controls the graphics part. But in some GPU the transistors are more so that some time it works more than the CPU. If the GPU of a device is not good then its graphics are not work properly. Suppose a system has a low quality GPU and you're playing a heavy game, then the graphics performance will not excellent. There are some other stuff's will be appear. So a good visual needs a good graphics and it will be possible by a good GPU.                                                 

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