Friday, 13 July 2018

What Is Ransomware?? How To Be Safe??

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Ransom means someone who blackmail people and demand money. So Ransomware means it is a type of malware which has the capacity to hack computers & other devices. The hackers use this malware to hack computers and stolen all the data from the computers.

Now-a-days the Ransomware attack increasing so much. Hackers are  using this malware so much. This Ransomware transfers from one computer to another by the network. Most of the business companies, educational sectors were affected by this ransomware.
Once when the ransomware enters into computer, then the total system hack by the hacker. Then the hackers demand a lot of money from the computer owners in return for not revealing information which has about them. After paying they give a unlock key for the data recovery. But it is not sure that the hackers escape the person. They may be demand a lot of money again.

How It Enter??
The Ransomware enters into a system in many ways. The main source of ransomware through which it enters into the computers is internet. Sometimes it comes in the Email as an attachment. So when someone click that attachment then the ransomware enters into that system. Also when someone download any .exe files then there is a chance of ransomware attack. When a hard drive, CD, DVD connect to a affected computer then the ransomware transfer into those hardware. The ransomware also transfer one computer to another by the help of networks.

How To Be Safe??
* First you should use a portable hard drive and do back up of your systems data everyday. So by chance if your computer get affected by this ransomware then you can format your data from the system and can use that hard drive to restore your data again.

* Don't click and download the .exe files or Email attachments on your system. Because most of the ransomware attack occurs in this way.

* If you are using Windows then always on your files extension by which you can know if the files are in .exe format.

* Always on the Windows Firewall or use a good Antivirus on your computer so that it will restrict the ransomware attack to your computer.

* Always disable Windows remote sharing option in your computer because if you enable this option then there may be a chance of ransomware attack.

* Always check your systems software updates because day to day there are some new updates come in your computer. So install the latest updates.

* The last way is if you think your computer get affected by ransomware then close all your network connections to your computer by which the data's can be secure.

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