Sunday, 9 September 2018

Android 9 Pie 🍰 Top Features !!

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After Android 8.1 Oreo the next version of the android (Pie) has come with some new features and updates. There are some new and interesting features that Android has introduced in its new version. Android Pie is the 16th version and 9th major update of the android operating system. In this OS version android has focused on 3 main categories which is (1) Intelligence, (2) Simplicity & (3) Digital Wellbeing. So in below there are some top features that android has introduced in its new version.

Adaptive Battery  

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According to android in this version you can get this Adaptive Battery feature in your smartphone. This feature will monitor which apps and services you like to use and which you don't like in your phone. So according to the uses this feature will decide which apps will get more power & which will get less. So the apps and services you don't use more will not a cause of the battery consumption.

Adaptive Brightness

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According to this feature you will get an automatically brightness adjust in your smartphone. This feature will work on depend upon your environment and activities. So you will not worry about the brightness in different places or conditions. Here for this feature your phone learns how you like to set the brightness and it automatically adjusts.

App Actions
There is also an app actions feature which predicts what you are about to do. So you can get the next task more quickly. Suppose you connect your headphones the playlist you were listening to earlier is front and center. It also adapts for your morning commute.

It bring the relevant parts of your favorite apps to the surface. Suppose you were searching about the Uber for your ride, then after some time when you will go again to search about your ride on the browser, then the price and related services will pop up on your phone screen. So this feature will be more easier for your search.

Intuitive Navigation
This feature provides that you can switch between the apps and can get the recent use apps by using gestures instead of buttons. You can also copy & paste the text from one tab to another tab.

Digital Wellbeing

Do Not Disturb
Improvements to Do not Disturb to silence not just notifications sounds, but also all the visual interruptions. Calls from starred contacts will still come through, so you don't have to worry about missing something urgent.

App Dashboard
In this feature you can get a daily view of the time spent on your phone. How frequently you use different apps and how many notifications you get.

Wind Down
According to this feature you can set a daily schedule to get your phone ready for bed.

App Timers
This feature let you set daily time limits for your apps. When you reach the limit, the app is paused for the rest of the day. 

Other Features

* In case of camera there is also some features in the Android Pie. In this version the phone can get multi-camera support. You can streams from two or more physical cameras, such as on devices with either dual-front or dual-back cameras.
* Android 9 now also supports external USB / UVC cameras on certain devices.

* There is a display cutout feature in this version. It support for devices with cutouts to make use of available screen space.
* There is also a feature in case of the display which mentioned as edge-to-edge screens. This feature support for devices with 18:9 and taller aspect ratios, and devices with display cutouts.


  1. Nice Features in Android Pie..

  2. The Wind Down feature will be more helpful..


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