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How To Start Blogging And Earn Online !!!

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Have you a wish to start blogging and want to become a successful blogger?? Then this post will help you to know the process of opening a blog site and what are the criteria, topics you should follow to become a successful blogger.

Why To Start Blogging??
Before start blogging you should be consider that for which you will start blogging. Some bloggers are doing the event blogging which means they particularly focus on a festival, national day or international day. So, for that particular date they do the event blogging from months back and rank their posts in first page of Google.

After event bloggers some bloggers are doing the blogging for time pass. So they are the short-term bloggers. But those who are serious about blogging and want to become a successful blogger then they are the long-term bloggers. In my opinion if you are a student or a person who doing job then you can start blogging as a part time profession. If later you think that you can earn much more from blogging and now you have a vast knowledge about it then you can take it as a full time profession.

How To Start Blogging??
Language Selection
Before starting your blog you should think about language because in blog the language have a great role. Your topic may be whatever but it should be represent in a easy  language. You should be select the correct language in which you are comfort/ expert. Never select other language in which you aren't comfort. Suppose you aren't comfort in English then you should start your blog in your regional language.

Topic Or Niche
In blogging the topic or niche is the most important point for a blogger and its blogging career. Now-a-days many bloggers choosing the technology or sports for their topic. But listen if you have no interest in technology and starting a tech blog then after 3-4 months you will disappoint and will quit blogging. So always choose your own topic, don't influence by others topic. Think which field is better for you and then choose that.

Where To Start??
You can start blogging without giving a single money. There are many platforms like, in which you can easily create your own blogging site for free. In free domain and hosting your site will be like as;, If you wish, later you can buy a custom domain and hosting which are providing by many domain and hosting providers like Godaddy, BigRock etc.  

How To Design??
In and there are many free themes are available to use. Otherwise, you can download a free custom theme from online. After applying a theme you have to make some simple customization like Menu bar, Side bar, Title, Footer etc.

Grow Your Traffic
After blog writing, designing and publishing the main part of your site is user traffic. If you have published a lot of posts but your site has zero traffic then your site is useless. You should be work on the SEO for generating a vast number of traffics. There are two types of SEO such as On Page SEO and Off Page SEO which is most important for user engagement. You should be work on SEO to grow your site traffic.

How To Earn From Blogging??
After setting all you can earn online from blogging by monetize your site with Google Adsense. If you are doing blogging with free sub-domain like then your site must be 6 months old to apply for Adsense otherwise, if you have a custom domain and hosting then you can easily apply for Google Adsense.

There are some criteria and terms from Adsense which your site should be fulfill to approve. After approved by Adsense you will able to show Ads in your site. When someone will visit your site and click on the Ads then you will earn money from it. The more traffic your site will gain the more revenue you will get. So, from blogging you can earn a million dollar if you have a strong passion, unique content and patient.

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