Thursday, 16 August 2018

5 Common Mistakes That You're Making With Your Smartphone!!!

(1) Overcharging & Low Charge
This is a very common mistake.Many smartphone users charge their devices before they sleep then pull the plug when they wake up many hours after. For this long time charging there could be pose a problem because Li-ion batteries usually reach 100 percent charge between two and three hours.The temperature rises when the battery is overcharged &, not only would this shorten the battery life due to stress, it may also threaten a user's safety, just like those batteries that quickly heat up and explode.

Many users spend a lot of time in the social media sites, watch movies for a long time but they forgot about their phones charge.When it hits 8 to 10 percent charge then they realize about that.
Li-ion batteries are designed to perform its best between 30 to 80 percent capacity so, once the battery hits lower than 30, feel free to charge your smartphone.Likewise, once the charge hits 80 percent, you really don't need to wait for your phone to reach 100 percent anymore.

(2) Tapping On Links
Smartphone users are more susceptible to phishing attacks than desktop users. They tend to be less vigilant about security. It is harder to spot a fake login page on a smartphone than on a computer. Further, shortened URLs make it harder to detect illegitimate addresses.The best defense is to avoid clicking on links sent via SMS or instant messaging apps. Also, always open email links using your computer.

(3) Joining Public Wi-Fi Networks
At many places like railway stations, airports there are the public Wi-Fi networks. It may be cheap but they are also a major security risk.Information sent over public Wi-Fi networks is visible to anyone on the network if they know how to view it.Hackers can easily steal your information & remotely access your device. If you must use a public Wi-Fi network, connect to the internet using a VPN (Virtual Private Network). It is a method to connect websites securely even on public networks. In other way, use your mobile data at that place.

(4) Forgetting To Install Updates

Time to time the Smartphone manufacturers & app developers issue software updates to improve the security patches & functionality of the smartphone. But many users avoid this, they use a old version for long time. But you should accept those updates to your phones operating system as soon as you are notified. The same goes with apps running on your phone. So regularly update the software running on your device give the phone a better performance.

(5) Forgetting To Log Out

If you are always logged into Amazon, Paypal & other sensitive sites where your finances are within easy reach, then you are doing a big mistake. Because on the shopping sites, recharge apps you also submit your credit cards, debit cards, bank details etc. It is very sensitive. So don't keep your phone permanently logged into such websites. Don't check the box in the app that asks to save your username & password. It is convenient not to have to log into the app every time but it exposes you to considerable financial risk. If your phone were to be stolen, a thief would have unrestricted access to your finances & you could end up with a massive bill for things you never bought.

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