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Tuesday, 8 October 2019

October 08, 2019

What Is Affiliate Marketing?? How To Earn From It??

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As we described in our "6 Best Ways To Make Money Online" post, Affiliate Marketing is one of the best way to make a lot of money from online. This is much more popular because this is a most genuine way for online earnings. If you have a perfect planning and strategy  for online marketing then you can easily become a successful affiliate marketer. 

So, in this post we will explain about the affiliate marketing, how to earn from it, how you can start  affiliate marketing and what are the popular sites for affiliate programs.

What Is Affiliate Marketing??
If you consider the word "Affiliate" then it is clear that you have to join/ partnership with any person, sites, companies etc. And "Marketing" means to advertise any products and services. So, affiliate marketing means advertise/ promote any products or services after joined any affiliate program. Now-a-days there are huge affiliate marketing platforms over the internet.In simple concept the affiliate marketing means refer anyone to buy any products from your affiliate link/ referred link.

So, for a successful affiliate marketing career you need a better online public platforms like social medias, high user engaged websites and a perfect marketing plan.

Top Affiliate Marketing Programs & Websites
From the above concept as you know that to start affiliate marketing you need to join any affiliate program which is providing by many websites. So, followings are some best affiliate marketing websites and programs;
As you can see these above websites and their affiliate programs are best for affiliate marketing, You can join any of this websites by signing up their affiliate programs.

How You Can Start Affiliate Marketing??
This is very simple. You can start affiliate marketing by join any of the affiliate marketing websites and their programs. 

What Are Needed For Sign Up?
You can sign up for any affiliate programs by filling some information like;
  • Your Name
  • Your Email
  • Your Website/ App URL & its Purposes
  • Your Address & Other Basic Personal Information
  • Your Payment Information etc.
So, after completing sign up you will be an affiliate member and then you have to start marketing by advertise and promoting products and services.

How To Earn From Affiliate Marketing??
After all earning topic is most important in affiliate marketing. You know as a affiliate marketer you have to refer some products link/ affiliate link. So, when someone buy any products from your affiliate link then you will get some advertising fees for those purchased products. So, your earnings depend upon your marketing plans and strategy.

For affiliate marketing you will need some large social media platforms like facebook, twitter, instagram etc. You can find some high user engagement websites and can contact them to add your affiliate links over their site. But you can also make your own affiliate marketing site and promote your affiliate links. Making your own site will help you so much because in your site you have the whole control regarding your marketing. So, if you do some best in your site then your site will definitely get more traffic and more affiliate products will be purchase. As well as your earnings will be increase.

You can also promote products over the youtube and various social networks. Social media followers have a great role for your affiliate marketing because if you have already a large number of followers in various social sites then you can easily promote products over their and can easily get purchases. So, finally the main motive of affiliate marketing is the more you promote, the more purchases made and the more earnings you will get.  

Thursday, 22 November 2018

November 22, 2018

Online Surveys | An Easiest Way To Make Money Online !!

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There are many ways to make money online. As you know blogging, youtube, freelance jobs are the most popular and genuine ways to make money from online. But, these aren't such easy that you think. For a successful blogger, youtuber & freelancer you need to work hard, so that you can earn more. I know always you want a easy and shortcut way to make money online. 

So, here i have an easy and best way by which you can earn more from online. The easiest method that i will explain here is online survey. Yes, online survey is the easy and best way because here you need to give only 5-10 minutes in a day by giving your feedback and after completed the survey you will get some cash. There are many online survey sites which conduct online surveys that pay cash. So, in this post i will give you the list of some best online survey sites.

List Of Some Best Survey Sites

(1) Swagbucks
This is a most popular site where you can earn money by answering surveys. When you answer the surveys then you earn gift cards and cash in terms of Swagbucks. After you can redeem your points for amazon gift cards or get cash back from paypal. You can also earn from its referral program.

Join Swagbucks Here

(2) iSurveyWorld
iSurveyWorld is another site where you can earn for each survey you participate. When you become a part of their community, you will be able to take surveys about products and services you use. Then you will be paid for each survey you complete. You can also get instant $5 as a signing up bonus.

Join iSurveyWorld Here

(3) InboxDollars Survey Site
This site also running a signing up bonus. You can get $5 when you will sign up. According to InboxDollars, it partner with top research companies who want public opinion. So, share your feedback and it will pay you cash when you are done.

Join InboxDollars Here

(4) Nielsen Survey
Nielsen is one of the most popular company in the market research and online surveys. This company partner with many brands and companies to collect public opinions. From this site you can earn over $10000 per month which depends upon the number of surveys you take.

Join Nielsen Survey Here

(5) Global Test Market
This is also a very popular online surveys site which founded by the leading market research company Lightspeed. To take the surveys you need to sign up in this site. When you answer the surveys you will earn lifepoints which you can be redeem later through paypal or gift cards from amazon or any other. There is a conversion rate on lifepoints by which you can redeem it through gift cards or paypal.

Join Global Test Market Here
(6) Opinion Square
To work on this website you need to share your opinion through Emails and pop surveys. There are variety of topics in which you can share your opinion. After sharing your opinion you will earn some points which can be redeemable for valuable prizes, cash and entries into their $100,000 sweepstakes.

Join Opinion Square Here
(7) SpiderMetrix
In this site the survey generally takes 15-20 minutes to complete. Some surveys might only take 5 minutes, other perhaps 35 minutes. After completing the surveys you will earn spider points which you can use for vouchers, from, real cash, via paypal. You can also use your spider points to donate the charity.

Join SpiderMetrix Here
(8) Opinion World
Opinion World is another popular survey site which available in US, UK, India, Australia and other countries. This site is operated by Survey Sampling International LLC. To get surveys you need to sign up by giving your name and email id. The points you will get after finishing the surveys can be redeemable for gift cards or cash via paypal.

Join Opinion World Here

(9) Harris Poll Online
Harris Poll Online is one of the oldest site for online surveys. This is a best survey site for teens because during vacations there are some special surveys for teens to earn online. You can redeem your survey points for gift cards.

Join Harris Poll Online Here
(10) PlanetPanel
Planetpanel is a worldwide survey site which is a community of MSI-ACI Europe BV. There are many surveys are available and you will get surveys that are related to your interests. After signing up you will be able to get surveys which are basically 10-15 minutes long.

Join PlanetPanel Here  

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

November 07, 2018

5 Best Freelance Websites To Make Money Online!!!

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I think you heard the word freelance because now-a-time it is very much popular for online earnings. If you are thinking about online money making then Freelance jobs will give you a lot of money that you never expected. Like blogging, YouTube & affiliate marketing freelance work is the most genuine way to make money online. There are a lot of websites over internet who offer various works from different categories. If you have any skills like content writing, web designing, logo designing, video editing etc then you can get these works on many freelance websites. To work here you only need to make a good profile over these sites and show your skill to other for getting a project. So, in this post i will give you 5 best freelance websites name by which it will help you to find out easily.

This is one of the famous freelance website. Most of the freelancers prefer fiverr first. It offers work in many categories like graphics and design, digital marketing, writing and translation, video and animation, music and audio, programming and tech, business, fun and lifestyle. To start work on Fiverr you need to create a gig about your service that you will provide and briefly describe about that. If you consider about pricing then the starting price begins at 5$. You can change your pricing according your service.

Check My Fiverr Profile- Click Here is another popular freelance website having nearly 30 millions of registered users. Here in this website you can also get many works like web development, graphic design, internet marketing, data entry and many more. So, simply create your profile on and start your favorite work.

(3) Upwork
This is also very popular freelance website having more than 70 categories and many freelancers. Here you can get various jobs from categories like writers, virtual assistants, sales & marketing expert, accountants & consultants, web developing etc. So, sign up on upwork and start work.

It is one of the best freelance website for designers. Here you can get many jobs like logo design, website design, book covers design and more. To work in this website you need some design skills. According to 99designs, a new design is created on 99designs every 2 seconds. So, this is a very popular freelance site to getting job.

(5) Toptal
Toptal is also a best freelance website from which you can make a lot of money by working as a freelancer. This website also provides jobs like designers, developers, finance experts, project managers. The highest in-demand talents on toptal are UX/ UI designers, iOS developers, front-end developers, digital project managers etc. So, if you have any skills like this then join on toptal to start your work.  

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

October 16, 2018

How To Start Blogging And Earn Online !!!

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Have you a wish to start blogging and want to become a successful blogger?? Then this post will help you to know the process of opening a blog site and what are the criteria, topics you should follow to become a successful blogger.

Why To Start Blogging??
Before start blogging you should be consider that for which you will start blogging. Some bloggers are doing the event blogging which means they particularly focus on a festival, national day or international day. So, for that particular date they do the event blogging from months back and rank their posts in first page of Google.

After event bloggers some bloggers are doing the blogging for time pass. So they are the short-term bloggers. But those who are serious about blogging and want to become a successful blogger then they are the long-term bloggers. In my opinion if you are a student or a person who doing job then you can start blogging as a part time profession. If later you think that you can earn much more from blogging and now you have a vast knowledge about it then you can take it as a full time profession.

How To Start Blogging??
Language Selection
Before starting your blog you should think about language because in blog the language have a great role. Your topic may be whatever but it should be represent in a easy  language. You should be select the correct language in which you are comfort/ expert. Never select other language in which you aren't comfort. Suppose you aren't comfort in English then you should start your blog in your regional language.

Topic Or Niche
In blogging the topic or niche is the most important point for a blogger and its blogging career. Now-a-days many bloggers choosing the technology or sports for their topic. But listen if you have no interest in technology and starting a tech blog then after 3-4 months you will disappoint and will quit blogging. So always choose your own topic, don't influence by others topic. Think which field is better for you and then choose that.

Where To Start??
You can start blogging without giving a single money. There are many platforms like, in which you can easily create your own blogging site for free. In free domain and hosting your site will be like as;, If you wish, later you can buy a custom domain and hosting which are providing by many domain and hosting providers like Godaddy, BigRock etc.  

How To Design??
In and there are many free themes are available to use. Otherwise, you can download a free custom theme from online. After applying a theme you have to make some simple customization like Menu bar, Side bar, Title, Footer etc.

Grow Your Traffic
After blog writing, designing and publishing the main part of your site is user traffic. If you have published a lot of posts but your site has zero traffic then your site is useless. You should be work on the SEO for generating a vast number of traffics. There are two types of SEO such as On Page SEO and Off Page SEO which is most important for user engagement. You should be work on SEO to grow your site traffic.

How To Earn From Blogging??
After setting all you can earn online from blogging by monetize your site with Google Adsense. If you are doing blogging with free sub-domain like then your site must be 6 months old to apply for Adsense otherwise, if you have a custom domain and hosting then you can easily apply for Google Adsense.

There are some criteria and terms from Adsense which your site should be fulfill to approve. After approved by Adsense you will able to show Ads in your site. When someone will visit your site and click on the Ads then you will earn money from it. The more traffic your site will gain the more revenue you will get. So, from blogging you can earn a million dollar if you have a strong passion, unique content and patient.

Sunday, 1 July 2018

July 01, 2018

6 Best Ways To Make Money Online !!!!

(1) Blogging
If you know, this is a best way to make money online. You can choose your own choice about what you want to start your blog career. You may choose about sports, technology, cooking recipes, web design, SEO related blogs etc that depend on your choice. After started blogging you should focus on your content quality about which you want to write. Then automatically traffic of your website will increase. After that you can link your website to adsense & can make a lot of money. Now-a-days there is a more demand of blogging. Many people starting their blogging career as a part time or full time. It is also a best part time job for students.

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(2) Affiliate Marketing
This is the 2nd way & this is the most genuine way to make money online. Affiliate marketing means to refer someone to buy products from your referring links. For example, if you start affiliate marketing with Amazon, then you will get referring links for some products. Then your duty is refer these products link through social sites, if you have a website or YouTube channel then you can also promote these links over that. So after referring if someone buy any products from your referring links then you will get some percentage of money for that products. So if you have a big social media platform then it will so easy for you.

(3) YouTube
This is the most popular way to make a lot of money from online. Now many people use YouTube to make money. YouTube is just opposite of the Blogging. In YouTube & Blogging the concept is same, you can choose and explain your own choice. But difference is, in Blogging you will share your knowledge by writing a lot but in YouTube you will explain something by video. So here in YouTube the content is only matter. If you will make a unique video & the content quality is good then your subscribers will increase & by linking adsense you can make a lot of money.

(4) From Freelance Websites
This is another way to make money online.There are some freelance websites like, from which you can earn a lot of money. In this websites there are many freelances jobs like data entry, web design, logo design, articles or blog writing are available. So if you have an unique talent about these jobs then you can make your profile over here & will get many projects from the customers.

(5) Online Surveys
It is the most simplest way to make money from online. For online surveys many companies give a lot of money. For online surveys you will spend 10 to 20 minutes by giving your feedback, opinion or  any type of suggestions. Then the companies may give 1$ to 30$ by each surveys. But wait, don't be excited because there are many fraud agencies make surveys & when you put your information in these surveys,then they stolen it & make you spam. So always go through the trusted websites and participate on their surveys.

(6) By Selling Domain
This is another good way to make a lot of money. Here the concept is if a new company is going to start its business. So the company will must need a website for their online marketing. For websites they will must need a better domain such as "", "", "". But at that time people know about that & quickly buy the perfect domain name for the website of the company. So when the company go to make their website they can not get the suitable domain for their website & they contact with the person, who has the perfect domain. So at this stage the domain holder demands a lot of money. So in this way you can also make a lot of money.