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Thursday, 12 July 2018

July 12, 2018

5 Most Expensive Smartphones In The World

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Now-a-days people searching for a budget smartphone, but there are some most expensive smartphones in the world that many of you don't know, which price is million's of dollar and everyone not able to purchase that phones. So lets see the 5 most expensive smartphones in the world.
(1) Black Diamond iPhone 5 ($ 15.3 Million)

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This is the most expensive smartphone in the world. The price of this phone is $ 15.3 million (nearly Rs.105,01,99650). It has been designed by Stuart Hughes. This phone covered in most expensive black diamonds and gold. So the price of this phone is most expensive.

(2) Diamond Rose iPhone 32GB ($ 8 Million)

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The 2nd most expensive smartphone is Diamond Rose iPhone. It is also designed by Stuart Hughes and the price of this phone is $ 8 million (nearly Rs.549,124,000). This phone is covered by 500 diamond's of 100 karat and the apple logo is designed by 53 diamond's. It has also a front navigation button which is platinum and consist 8 karat of diamond.

(3) Kings Button iPhone 3G ($ 2.4 Million)

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The 3rd most expensive smartphone is Kings Button iPhone 3G. It is designed by Peter Alosson. This phone has a 3.5 inches of screen and it is covered by 138 diamond's. The home navigation button of this phone is decorated by 6.6 karats of white diamonds. The price of this phone is $ 2.4 million (nearly Rs.164,737,200).

(4) Diamond Crypto Smartphone ($ 1.3 Million)

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 The 4th expensive smartphone is Diamond Crypto Smartphone. The price of this smartphone is $ 1.3 million (nearly Rs.89,232,650). This is also designed by Peter Alosson. The phone has not a camera. It runs in the Windows CE operating system. This phone is covered by 50 diamonds and the gold is also used in this phone.

(5) Goldvish Le Million ($ 1.2 Million)

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The 5th most expensive smartphone is Goldvish Le Million. The price of this phone is $ 1.2 million (nearly Rs.82,368,600). This phone is designed by Emmanuel Gueit. It has a 3.5 inches of screen. It is covered by 20 karats of white diamond and the gold is also used in this phone.

Monday, 9 July 2018

July 09, 2018

What Is Root On Android ?? Advantages & Disadvantages

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Now many smartphone users rooting their smartphones for fulfil their needs. But their are some advantages and disadvantages for rooting on android. Actually, rooting means to go to the lower level of the android and keeping the whole control of a android phone. After rooting you can do everything with your smartphone, there will be no restrictions from the smartphone manufacturers or companies. But in the time of rooting if you miss some steps then your phone will be no more, it will be just like a toy. So lets discuss about the advantages and disadvantages of rooting on android.

* When you root your phone then first you will lose your phone's warranty. Some companies like Samsung, LG will not provide the warranty after you root your phone, where some other companies support the rooting. But maximum companies never provide warranty after rooting the phone.

* The 2nd disadvantage is after rooting you will be lose your phones security patches. Because before rooting, your phone had got some software updates by which there are some security patches add to your smartphone. But after rooting the phone will take a long time to receive the official software updates from the phone manufacturers.

* After rooting if you visit any malicious websites and download some movies or song or clicking on any ads then there will be 90 percentage chance of malware attack. Because there will be no restrictions for the malware to enter into your phone.

* The main disadvantage is if you miss some steps at the time of rooting then your phone will be no more. All the data, software, features will be permanently delete. It will be just like a toy.

* After rooting you can do everything with your smartphone. You can increase your phones battery life, can also increase the internal memory and the random access memory (RAM) of the phone.

* Everything that you get restricted in your original phone, you can do all those things in your rooting smartphone.

* For example if your phone have a 16 GB of ROM and the memory get filled then in your original phone you can not transfer all apps to the SD Cards but in the rooting phone you can manage anything about storage. You can transfer any apps that you wish.

* In a original phone there are some default apps that you can not uninstall. Either you enable or disable it. But in a rooting phone you can uninstall all those unnecessary default apps that you want.

* By the use of Custom ROM's you can do everything in your rooting phone. You can change all the default layouts, themes and everything that you want.   

Friday, 6 July 2018

July 06, 2018

What is Virus, Malware, Trojan & Worms?? How To Be Safe??

As you know the computer malware and viruses are increasing so much because of unawareness and by some simple mistakes. There are also some other malware like Trojans & Worms that also affect your devices. But what are the reasons, why and how they enter into your devices and corrupt it?? How to be safe from it?? So lets go to know about it.

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It is also known as Malicious Software. The main source from which the malicious software comes to your system is internet. As you know with the help of internet we do many works easily but when you use this internet to download the pirated movies, pirated songs, pirated games and if you visit in a pirated website then the malicious software comes to your system. The malicious E-mails are also a source from which malicious software comes to your system. If we consider in offline there are also many ways by which this malicious software comes. For example if you use the CD, DVD, Pen drives, SD Cards from any unknown sources to connect with your system then there is a chance of malware attack.

The viruses are the malware that enters into your computer in different ways through the online and offline. When a virus enters into your system, it target a particular site, folder or file. When the virus enters into that site, folder or file then it corrupted the whole folder or file. It has also the capacity to corrupted a whole software. These viruses can transfer if you connect a CD, DVD, Pendrive to a corrupted system.

These are also a type of malware that enter into your system in different ways. When the Worms enters into the system they creates multiple copies of a same file or folder. So when they create multiple files in your system then your computer loses its space and will became slower.

It is a type of malware which enters into your system through different apps. When you download a free antivirus app or memory cleaner app then through this apps there is a chance of Trojan attack. Generally when it enters into a system, you can not feel its activities. Behind the scene it corrupts your whole system. But when you get inform about it, at that time it is too late. It already corrupt the whole software of the system.

How To Be Safe
* To secure your whole system you should be buy a paid Antivirus which should have a licence.
* Don't install free antiviruses because in some free antiviruses there is a chance of malware attack.
* Don't visit any pirated websites and don't click on any unknown ads.
* Don't download or play the pirated games and don't download any pirated movies or songs.
* Always check your systems Software Updates and if there is any updates then quickly install it.
* Don't open any malicious E-mails & don't click the links in it.
* Always use a good Pendrive, SD Card, CD, DVD from a popular brand. If you get any such types of hardwares from unknown sources then avoid that.

Monday, 2 July 2018

July 02, 2018

Why Smartphones Heat?? Reasons Behind It

(1) Overload
Overloading is a big reason for the smartphone heating issue. If you are doing multiple tasks such as; playing a heavy online game with downloading a heavy file on background, then the processor of the smartphone can not handle it and the phone starts to heat. Also if you are downloading a lot of heavy files in a same time then also the smartphone starts to heat.

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(2) Processor
It is the main part of the smartphone. All the functions of smartphone control by the processor. So generally this processors are made from semiconductors. And this semiconductors are consists of many electrons. When our phone starts to work then the electrons in the processor starts to move & when they interact with each other then heat generated. So then the heat starts to release from the phone & we feel this heat.

(3) Battery
It is also a main reason for the smartphone heating issue. Generally at the time of charging every phones starts to heat. But some smartphones temperature increases more during the charging. It only happens by the battery. Because now the smartphones battery is very slim & small. When the heat generate during the charging process, it starts to release from the battery but due to small size & slim there is a short place to release the heat. So that the temperature of the phone increases more.

(4) Room Temperature
It also affect the smartphones. Suppose in your location the temperature generally 35 degree to 40 degree. So it does not affect the smartphones. But if the temperature in your location reaches 45 degree to 50 degree & it continue then it affect your smartphones. So that the smartphones temperature increases.

(5) Poor Signal
This is the most important reason for the smartphones heating issue. Many times in our locations, the signal does not reach properly or some times for heavy traffic the network speed goes down. So that when we use our phones for net browsing, then its start to buffering & take a long time to show the result & automatically for this reason the smartphones starts to heat.

Many times the smartphones companies & manufacturers send the software updates regarding many types of heating issues. So that always check for those software updates and update your phone in the latest version to prevent this types of heating issues.

Friday, 29 June 2018

June 29, 2018

What Is Bitcoin ?? How It Works ??

It was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. It is a type of  Cryptocurrency, otherwise called as decentralised Digital currency which uses rules of cryptography for regulation & generation of units of currency. It is in the form of electronic cash.The whole bitcoin system works without a central bank or single administrator.
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How It Works??
Without any need for intermediaries, Bitcoins are sent from user to user on the peer to peer bitcoin network directly. These transactions are verified through cryptography by network nodes & recorded in a public distributed ledger called a blockchain.

These Bitcoins are completely virtual coins designed to be self contained for their value. You can use your Bitcoins to purchase goods and services online. Many people store their bitcoins for long time and hope that their value increases over the years.

The supply of Bitcoins are tightly controlled by the underlying algorithm. A small number of new bitcoins are tickle out every hour, & the supply limit of these bitcoins are 21000000. According to a report there were 3 to 6 million unique users using a cryptocurrency wallet & among these most of using bitcoin. The ticker symbols of bitcoins are BTC & XBT.

How To Get Bitcoin??
You can get bitcoin in many ways like if you want to sell any products and want bitcoin in return then you can do it. In other way you can get bitcoin in exchange of your currency. Simply you can buy a bitcoin in exchange of cash and it will be store digitally. Then it is your risk because sometimes the value of bitcoin in compare to other currencies increase or decrease. So when the value of bitcoin increases then you can sell it with return of cash.

The other way which is the main way by which many users get interested is the bitcoin mining. Yes, bitcoin mining is the best way to earn more bitcoins. As you know for selling or buying any products in online and for any online transactions there is a verification needed. Likely for bitcoin selling or buying there is also a verification needed. For the verification, in every bitcoin transaction there are some math problems attached for solve. So many users try to solve that problems to verify the transaction. For the solving of problems the users get some bitcoins as reward. So that many users get interested to do this bitcoin mining.

For the bitcoin mining the users need a powerful computer, high capable GPU and an ASIC which is known as Application Specific Integrated Circuit. By which they can able to do the bitcoin mining.     

Monday, 25 June 2018

June 25, 2018

5 Common Mistakes That You're Making With Your Smartphone!!!

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(1) Overcharging & Low Charge
This is a very common mistake.Many smartphone users charge their devices before they sleep then pull the plug when they wake up many hours after. For this long time charging there could be pose a problem because Li-ion batteries usually reach 100 percent charge between two and three hours.The temperature rises when the battery is overcharged &, not only would this shorten the battery life due to stress, it may also threaten a user's safety, just like those batteries that quickly heat up and explode.

Many users spend a lot of time in the social media sites, watch movies for a long time but they forgot about their phones charge.When it hits 8 to 10 percent charge then they realize about that.
Li-ion batteries are designed to perform its best between 30 to 80 percent capacity so, once the battery hits lower than 30, feel free to charge your smartphone.Likewise, once the charge hits 80 percent, you really don't need to wait for your phone to reach 100 percent anymore.

(2) Tapping On Links
Smartphone users are more susceptible to phishing attacks than desktop users. They tend to be less vigilant about security. It is harder to spot a fake login page on a smartphone than on a computer. Further, shortened URLs make it harder to detect illegitimate addresses.The best defense is to avoid clicking on links sent via SMS or instant messaging apps. Also, always open email links using your computer.

(3) Joining Public Wi-Fi Networks
At many places like railway stations, airports there are the public Wi-Fi networks. It may be cheap but they are also a major security risk.Information sent over public Wi-Fi networks is visible to anyone on the network if they know how to view it.Hackers can easily steal your information & remotely access your device. If you must use a public Wi-Fi network, connect to the internet using a VPN (Virtual Private Network). It is a method to connect websites securely even on public networks. In other way, use your mobile data at that place.

(4) Forgetting To Install Updates

Time to time the Smartphone manufacturers & app developers issue software updates to improve the security patches & functionality of the smartphone. But many users avoid this, they use a old version for long time. But you should accept those updates to your phones operating system as soon as you are notified. The same goes with apps running on your phone. So regularly update the software running on your device give the phone a better performance.

(5) Forgetting To Log Out

If you are always logged into Amazon, Paypal & other sensitive sites where your finances are within easy reach, then you are doing a big mistake. Because on the shopping sites, recharge apps you also submit your credit cards, debit cards, bank details etc. It is very sensitive. So don't keep your phone permanently logged into such websites. Don't check the box in the app that asks to save your username & password. It is convenient not to have to log into the app every time but it exposes you to considerable financial risk. If your phone were to be stolen, a thief would have unrestricted access to your finances & you could end up with a massive bill for things you never bought.

Sunday, 24 June 2018

June 24, 2018

Difference Between Software & Hardware

It is defined as the collection of instructions that enables a user to interact with the computer.It is a program that enables a computer to perform a specific task, as opposed to the physical components of the system. The software is also called as the set of coding. Software is developed by writing instructions in programming language.The operations of computer are controlled through software.

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If software is damaged or corrupted, its backup copy can be reinstalled.Software is affected by computer viruses & it can be transferred from one place to another electrically through network. Software is generally not needed for the hardware to perform its basic level tasks such as turning on & responding to input. To deliver its set of instructions, software is installed on hardware.Software doesn't have an increasing failure rate. Software doesn't wear out over time.However,bugs are discovered in software as time passes.User can not touch & feel it. Examples are:-Internet Explorer, MS Word, MS Excel, Adobe Acrobat etc.

Software is divided into three categories i.e;
  • System Software
  • Programming Software
  • Application Software
The system software mainly indicates the operating systems. There are many operating systems like Android, Windows, Linux etc. So, the work of system software is to run a device with more efficiently and accurately. The whole device able to perform for the system software. We can call the system software as the primary infrastructure of a device. Without the system software a device will not perform.

The programming software is generally for the software programmers like android developers, windows developers etc. With the help of this software developers are able to write computer programs which is helpful for the OS(operating system) update.

The application software is the main software for running applications on phones and computers. With the help of this software all the applications are managed. There are many applications like games, editing, shopping etc are managed over the application software.  

The physical components of the computer are known as hardware. A user can touch, see & feel it. Hardware devices are required to store & run the software. Simply if you compare between software and hardware then a common difference comes i.e; the hardware are used to make software and the software are used to functioning the hardware. We run the software applications on the hardware like our computer and phone. We play games, edit videos in our phones.

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Hardware is constructed using physical materials or components.Computer is a hardware device which operates under the control of a software. There are many types of hardware devices such as; input, storage, processing, control, & output devices. Hardware serve as the delivery system for software solutions.Hardware starts functioning once software is loaded. Hardware failure is random.It wears out over time. If hardware is damaged, it is replaced with new one.Hardware is not affected by computer viruses.It can not be transferred from one place to another electrically through network. Examples are:-Routers, Printer, CD-ROM, Monitor, Scanners, Mouse, Keyboard, Modems etc.

After all you know that software and hardware are both related to each other. Without one among these other can not exist. Because without the help of hardware a software can't build and without software a hardware is nothing. Suppose, think if there are many computers and phones available but no applications are exist, then what will happen? So, both the software and hardware are important for each other.