Friday, 1 November 2019

November 01, 2019

Amazon Pay Send Money, Scan & Pay, Recharges And Bill Payments Offers Of November !!

With start of new month Amazon has launched new offers for send money, scan & pay, recharges and bill payments. On this November you will get amazing offers and flat cashback's from all the section. So, lets jump to the various offers that Amazon has launched for this November month.

Amazon Pay Send Money Offer
Offer Details (Flat INR 35 back, For Select Customers Only)
  • Offer Period:- 1st November 00:00:00 hrs - 30th November, 2019 23:59:59 hrs.
  • Send INR 250 or more during the offer period using your Amazon app to friends/ family and get Flat INR 35 cashback.
  • The offer is valid only for Select customers and can be availed once per customer during the offer period.

  • For some selected customers there is an additional offer available in which you will get an assured offer worth Rs.100 on shopping. 
  • Cashback will be credited to your Amazon pay balance within 3 working days.
  • "Send Money" feature is available only on Amazon Android App (version 18.5 or above).
Recharges Or Bill Payments Offer
Offer Details (Get 100% Back Up To Rs.25, Rs.30, Rs.35 or Rs.40)
  • Offer Period:- 1st November 00:00:00 hrs - 30th November, 2019 23:59:59 hrs.
  • Valid on first recharge or bill payment of the month.

  • Different accounts have different offers like 100% back up to Rs.25, Rs.30, Rs.35 or Rs.40.
  • There is no minimum recharge value to avail this offer. You can recharge any amount.
Scan And Pay Offer
Offer Details (Scan any UPI QR code and Get Flat Rs.25 Back)
  • Offer Period:- 1st November 10:00:00 hrs - 30th November, 2019 23:59:59 hrs.
  • Scan any UPI QR code & pay Rs.100 or more & get flat Rs.25 cashback.
  • Eligibility:- Offer valid for select customers only and valid on your first Scan & Pay transaction in November.

Thursday, 31 October 2019

October 31, 2019

How To Browse In Private [ Incognito Tab ]

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You know when you search something on your browser then the searching keywords and the websites you visit are saved as history. Most of the people are using Google Chrome for browsing. So, when you browse something on the browser then your browsing history, cookies and site data or information entered in forms are saved by chrome. So, anyone who use your device can see your activity means your search history. But if you want to browse in private and don't want to chrome save your browsing history then in this post i will explain you about the incognito tab which is also known as the private tab of your browser.

Incognito Tab
This is a private tab in your browser. The browser here i'm talking about is Chrome because it is the most commonly used browser. By using this tab you can browse privately, and other people who use your device won't see your activity. If you are using this tab then your browser won't save your browsing history or information entered in forms. Cookies and site data are remembered while you are browsing but deleted when you exit the incognito tab. You won't need to clear the browsing history.

How To Activate Incognito Tab
To browse in private you need to activate incognito tab in your browser. To open it in different devices follow these below steps.

For Computer
  1. On your computer, open Chrome.
  2. At the top right, click More More 
  3. Then click on New Incognito Window.
  4. Now the incognito window appears. Check for the incognito icon Incognito in the top corner.
You can use a shortcut key to open an incognito tab;
  1. For Windows, Linux or Chrome OS: Press Ctrl + Shift + N.
  2. For Mac: Press + Shift + N.

For Android
  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Chrome app.
  2. To the right of the address bar, tap More More
  3. Then click on New Incognito Tab.
  4. Now the incognito window appears. Check for the incognito icon Incognito in the top left.
For iPhone & iPad
  1. On your iPhone or iPad, open the Chrome app.
  2. Tap MoreMore
  3. Now click on New Incognito Tab Incognito 
Your Activity Might Still Be Visible
According to Google Chrome Incognito mode stops Chrome from saving your browsing activity. But your activity might still be visible to:
  1. Websites you visit, including the ads and resources used on those sites.
  2. Your employer, school or whoever runs the network you are using.
  3. Your Internet Service Provider.

Downloads and Bookmarks are saved
Chrome won't remember the files you download while browsing in private. But, they are still saved to your downloads folder, even after you exit incognito. You and anyone who uses your device can see and open the files. All bookmarks you create are saved to Chrome.

Wednesday, 9 October 2019

October 09, 2019

Why Smartphones Heat?? Reasons Behind It

(1) Overload
Overloading is a big reason for the smartphone heating issue. If you are doing multiple tasks such as; playing a heavy online game with downloading a heavy file on background, then the processor of the smartphone can not handle it and the phone starts to heat. Also if you are downloading a lot of heavy files in a same time then also the smartphone starts to heat.

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(2) Processor
It is the main part of the smartphone. All the functions of smartphone control by the processor. So generally this processors are made from semiconductors. And this semiconductors are consists of many electrons. When our phone starts to work then the electrons in the processor starts to move & when they interact with each other then heat generated. So then the heat starts to release from the phone & we feel this heat.

(3) Battery
It is also a main reason for the smartphone heating issue. Generally at the time of charging every phones starts to heat. But some smartphones temperature increases more during the charging. It only happens by the battery. Because now the smartphones battery is very slim & small. When the heat generate during the charging process, it starts to release from the battery but due to small size & slim there is a short place to release the heat. So that the temperature of the phone increases more.

(4) Room Temperature
It also affect the smartphones. Suppose in your location the temperature generally 35 degree to 40 degree. So it does not affect the smartphones. But if the temperature in your location reaches 45 degree to 50 degree & it continue then it affect your smartphones. So that the smartphones temperature increases.

(5) Poor Signal
This is the most important reason for the smartphones heating issue. Many times in our locations, the signal does not reach properly or some times for heavy traffic the network speed goes down. So that when we use our phones for net browsing, then its start to buffering & take a long time to show the result & automatically for this reason the smartphones starts to heat.

Many times the smartphones companies & manufacturers send the software updates regarding many types of heating issues. So that always check for those software updates and update your phone in the latest version to prevent this types of heating issues.
October 09, 2019

What Is Root On Android ?? Advantages & Disadvantages

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Now many smartphone users rooting their smartphones for fulfil their needs. But their are some advantages and disadvantages for rooting on android. Actually, rooting means to go to the lower level of the android and keeping the whole control of a android phone. After rooting you can do everything with your smartphone, there will be no restrictions from the smartphone manufacturers or companies. But in the time of rooting if you miss some steps then your phone will be no more, it will be just like a toy. So lets discuss about the advantages and disadvantages of rooting on android.

* When you root your phone then first you will lose your phone's warranty. Some companies like Samsung, LG will not provide the warranty after you root your phone, where some other companies support the rooting. But maximum companies never provide warranty after rooting the phone.

* The 2nd disadvantage is after rooting you will be lose your phones security patches. Because before rooting, your phone had got some software updates by which there are some security patches add to your smartphone. But after rooting the phone will take a long time to receive the official software updates from the phone manufacturers.

* After rooting if you visit any malicious websites and download some movies or song or clicking on any ads then there will be 90 percentage chance of malware attack. Because there will be no restrictions for the malware to enter into your phone.

* The main disadvantage is if you miss some steps at the time of rooting then your phone will be no more. All the data, software, features will be permanently delete. It will be just like a toy.

* After rooting you can do everything with your smartphone. You can increase your phones battery life, can also increase the internal memory and the random access memory (RAM) of the phone.

* Everything that you get restricted in your original phone, you can do all those things in your rooting smartphone.

* For example if your phone have a 16 GB of ROM and the memory get filled then in your original phone you can not transfer all apps to the SD Cards but in the rooting phone you can manage anything about storage. You can transfer any apps that you wish.

* In a original phone there are some default apps that you can not uninstall. Either you enable or disable it. But in a rooting phone you can uninstall all those unnecessary default apps that you want.

* By the use of Custom ROM's you can do everything in your rooting phone. You can change all the default layouts, themes and everything that you want.   

Tuesday, 8 October 2019

October 08, 2019

What is Virus, Malware, Trojan & Worms?? How To Be Safe??

As you know the computer malware and viruses are increasing so much because of unawareness and by some simple mistakes. There are also some other malware like Trojans & Worms that also affect your devices. But what are the reasons, why and how they enter into your devices and corrupt it?? How to be safe from it?? So lets go to know about it.

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It is also known as Malicious Software. The main source from which the malicious software comes to your system is internet. As you know with the help of internet we do many works easily but when you use this internet to download the pirated movies, pirated songs, pirated games and if you visit in a pirated website then the malicious software comes to your system. The malicious E-mails are also a source from which malicious software comes to your system. If we consider in offline there are also many ways by which this malicious software comes. For example if you use the CD, DVD, Pen drives, SD Cards from any unknown sources to connect with your system then there is a chance of malware attack.

The viruses are the malware that enters into your computer in different ways through the online and offline. When a virus enters into your system, it target a particular site, folder or file. When the virus enters into that site, folder or file then it corrupted the whole folder or file. It has also the capacity to corrupted a whole software. These viruses can transfer if you connect a CD, DVD, Pendrive to a corrupted system.

These are also a type of malware that enter into your system in different ways. When the Worms enters into the system they creates multiple copies of a same file or folder. So when they create multiple files in your system then your computer loses its space and will became slower.

It is a type of malware which enters into your system through different apps. When you download a free antivirus app or memory cleaner app then through this apps there is a chance of Trojan attack. Generally when it enters into a system, you can not feel its activities. Behind the scene it corrupts your whole system. But when you get inform about it, at that time it is too late. It already corrupt the whole software of the system.

How To Be Safe
* To secure your whole system you should be buy a paid Antivirus which should have a licence.
* Don't install free antiviruses because in some free antiviruses there is a chance of malware attack.
* Don't visit any pirated websites and don't click on any unknown ads.
* Don't download or play the pirated games and don't download any pirated movies or songs.
* Always check your systems Software Updates and if there is any updates then quickly install it.
* Don't open any malicious E-mails & don't click the links in it.
* Always use a good Pendrive, SD Card, CD, DVD from a popular brand. If you get any such types of hardwares from unknown sources then avoid that.
October 08, 2019

What Is Affiliate Marketing?? How To Earn From It??

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As we described in our "6 Best Ways To Make Money Online" post, Affiliate Marketing is one of the best way to make a lot of money from online. This is much more popular because this is a most genuine way for online earnings. If you have a perfect planning and strategy  for online marketing then you can easily become a successful affiliate marketer. 

So, in this post we will explain about the affiliate marketing, how to earn from it, how you can start  affiliate marketing and what are the popular sites for affiliate programs.

What Is Affiliate Marketing??
If you consider the word "Affiliate" then it is clear that you have to join/ partnership with any person, sites, companies etc. And "Marketing" means to advertise any products and services. So, affiliate marketing means advertise/ promote any products or services after joined any affiliate program. Now-a-days there are huge affiliate marketing platforms over the internet.In simple concept the affiliate marketing means refer anyone to buy any products from your affiliate link/ referred link.

So, for a successful affiliate marketing career you need a better online public platforms like social medias, high user engaged websites and a perfect marketing plan.

Top Affiliate Marketing Programs & Websites
From the above concept as you know that to start affiliate marketing you need to join any affiliate program which is providing by many websites. So, followings are some best affiliate marketing websites and programs;
As you can see these above websites and their affiliate programs are best for affiliate marketing, You can join any of this websites by signing up their affiliate programs.

How You Can Start Affiliate Marketing??
This is very simple. You can start affiliate marketing by join any of the affiliate marketing websites and their programs. 

What Are Needed For Sign Up?
You can sign up for any affiliate programs by filling some information like;
  • Your Name
  • Your Email
  • Your Website/ App URL & its Purposes
  • Your Address & Other Basic Personal Information
  • Your Payment Information etc.
So, after completing sign up you will be an affiliate member and then you have to start marketing by advertise and promoting products and services.

How To Earn From Affiliate Marketing??
After all earning topic is most important in affiliate marketing. You know as a affiliate marketer you have to refer some products link/ affiliate link. So, when someone buy any products from your affiliate link then you will get some advertising fees for those purchased products. So, your earnings depend upon your marketing plans and strategy.

For affiliate marketing you will need some large social media platforms like facebook, twitter, instagram etc. You can find some high user engagement websites and can contact them to add your affiliate links over their site. But you can also make your own affiliate marketing site and promote your affiliate links. Making your own site will help you so much because in your site you have the whole control regarding your marketing. So, if you do some best in your site then your site will definitely get more traffic and more affiliate products will be purchase. As well as your earnings will be increase.

You can also promote products over the youtube and various social networks. Social media followers have a great role for your affiliate marketing because if you have already a large number of followers in various social sites then you can easily promote products over their and can easily get purchases. So, finally the main motive of affiliate marketing is the more you promote, the more purchases made and the more earnings you will get.